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Gambar Nurse Bertudung Cun Part 2

I got plenty of incoming call/email from my friends. They very interest to know more about nurse in Malaysia especially tudung-type nurse. I'm going to give you five easy ideas to help you dating young and cun Malay nurse and you not look like a creep!

How to Tackle Nurse in Malaysia:

1) Eat at restaurant/Hangout near nurse college/rent house. You might see 1-2 cute nurse bertudung that might interest you.
2) Don't lie. Be as you are. Be hygiene and wear smart.
3) Be confidant. Be brave to start a conversation.

P/s: Remember, not every nurse is a match. She may be beautiful but that doesn't mean your personalities work together.

  1. sponge November 9, 2009 at 10:23 PM  

    aduishhhhhhhhh...kalo nurse2 semua cun camni mmg sihat walafiat laa semua pesakit lelaki dn ramai laa yg jatuh hati!!!!
    Pakcik jugak yang melepas....hhuhuhu

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