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Tips Berpuasa Dalam Bulan Ramadan

Posted by admin | 10:48 AM

Tips Berpuasa Dalam Bulan Ramadan

Here are the steps that should be done properly in accordance with religious rules of fasting for health also we provide optimal results:

1. Enough eat and drink, drink about 8-10 glasses a day, drinking water does not necessarily mean only white water, but tea, milk, fruit juice, fruit cocktail and vegetable juices.

2. For calorie needs, usually a woman needs about 1900 calories, calories, while men 2100 calories. Calories can be met by this amount of food and beverages consumed during the dawn and breaking fast. For food, we suggest you choose natural foods because they are safer.

* happy tudung chick in Ramadan!

3. When breaking the fast, should not eat a lot at once, but gradually.
Starting with a light meal or drink sweet liquid. Eat dates! Dates are rich content of nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, niacin, and fiber

4. Meanwhile, at dawn, there are suggestions for eat meal slowly as possible, about half an hour before Imsak. Remember, best meal was not too full, about a third of daily calorie needs

5. If you can not eat rice in enough quantities (because of changes in the stomach and bowel movements) try to eat a snack. To prevent constipation, vegetables and fruit should be consumed every day.

* wear modest outfit - bertudung in Ramadan!

6. Rest at the time of day. This is useful to avoid sweat very much

7. If you want to do exercise, you can be doing in the afternoon about one or half an hour before sunset (berbuka puasa).