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Tudung - Malaysian Modesty Fashion and Sunnah

Malaysian calls ‘hijaab’ or ‘headscarf’ as tudung. Malaysian women love to obsess about their ‘tudung’. As result, hundred of types of ‘tudung’ that has ‘musim’ and ‘expiry fashion date’ and has local celebrity-tagged name like ‘tudung Mawi’ (although Mawi obviously does not wear tudung) and ‘tudung Wardina’ (supposedly because she wears her tudung in that style) and latest, ‘tudung Ekin’.

“Tudung” or hijab is only part of the concept of “hijab” in Islam. The real concept about tudung is all about modesty. There’s no point of arguing which part of the body need to be covered when we don’t practice modesty in our lifestyle as a Muslim.


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