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Awek Melayu 'Chinese Look' Bertudung

Awek Melayu can try to be as Awek Melayu Chinese. Most of Awek Melayu looks as ‘Chinese Look’ because of Genetic/DNA (mix-parent). However, you can try use eyeliner to create a great effect that makes ‘chinese look’ or ‘oriental look’. Dont forget to wear tudung, because Malaysian Malay guys love to watch Awek Melayu 'Chinese Look' Bertudung. :p

How to be as Awek Melayu Chinese Look?

1) Use a black or dark brown eye pencil on your water bed and a very "thin to thick" straight slick line on your top lid as close to your lashes as possible.

2) Don’t do the cat eye because that makes your eye flick upwards. Instead try and make your eyeliner go straight out.

3) The best way to do that is to open your eye when your about to go out side of your top eyelid so you can see what your doing and can get the desired effect. To get the monolid look just use a neutral skin toned eye shadow all over the lid and try to hide your natural crease as much as possible.

Notes: It is a well known fact that, all the Chinese, Korean or Japanese faces look the same. The fact may have some triviality in it, but it can lead from embarrassment or social castigation to eye-witness misidentifications, which is already a severer effect.