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Gambar Awek Pembantu Tadbir

Posted by admin | 11:20 AM

Gambar Awek Pembantu Tadbir

Working as admin assistant (Pembantu Tadbir) in local government agency sometime will wonder what appropriate wear to the office such as at Putrajaya, Malaysia. Most female admin assistant will choose to wear Baju Kurung with Tudung or Blouse with Long Pants.

It's usually not necessary to wear an office suit to work every day; however, your wardrobe should include at least one. It allows you to look and feel professional. Look for certain shades such as black, blue and tan, which you can mix and match with more colorful items.

Your office attire as Awek Pembantu Tadbir counts for nothing if you show up to work looking like a scruffy street derelict.


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