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Origin of the Malays Malaysia

The Malays played a major part in the Making of great Malay empires of Malacca and Johor. Present day Malays of the Peninsula and the coasts of the Malay Archipelago are described anthropologically as deutero-Malays. They are descendants of the tribal proto-Malays mixed with modern Indian, Thai, Arab and Chinese blood.

Despite the varying theories of the origin of the Malays, the academics do agree on a few fact finding discoveries. The Malays although almost all are Muslims currently, they are originally Buddhist. The practice of Hinduism during the golden age of Srivijayan times was a result of influence coming from the Srivijaya Kingdom. For a millennium the Malays practiced Hinduism/Buddhism before they embraced Islam in the 15th century of the second millennium.

The origin of the Malays may not be conclusive as of now, but generally at least we have an idea of the existence of the Malays. This ethnic group now makes up a majority in the archipelago and speaks various dialects of Malay language. The Malays cultural influences are continuing to be a main stay in this region.


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