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How to Tackle Gadis Melayu Malaysia

Getting a Gadis Melayu as girlfriend is every Malay guy’s top priority. Flaunting a pretty Gadis Melayu Bertudung and intelligence is the coolest thing to do. But the question is how to get a Gadis Melayu? Realize that your personality is the biggest tool for your reply of how to get a preety girl like Gadis Melayu.

  • Be gentleman, Gadis Melayu love guys who introduce himself and start a conversation.
  • Be polite, sensitive and yet funny at times. A funny bone with an intellectual side is a big turn on for most Malay girls.
  • Make her understand you can be responsible and sincere.

If the Malay girl suddenly introduces with her boyfriend then don’t be disheartened. Smile and move on to the next Gadis Melayu waiting for you.


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