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Gadis Melayu in Malaywood Malaysia

How does Malaywood (Malaysian Entertainment Industry) portray Gadis Melayu Bertudung ? The question has many answers, depending on who you ask. If you ask most Gadis Melayu Bertudung, they agree that Malaywood tends to have a distorted view of how Gadis Melayu Bertudung should be portrayed. They are typically either portrayed as being the "Gadis Sopan Santun" so-called family oriented person or kampung girls. Of course, this is only a generalization.

The truth is that Gadis Melayu Bertudung actresses are letting this happen. When they take on these roles, they are allowing Malaywood to be stereotypical and set them in only one type of acting role. There are a few films that show Gadis Melayu Bertudung in a true to life setting. We need more versatile Gadis Melayu Bertudung actress to be as "Gadis Melayu Boleh"


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