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Gadis Melayu in Malaywood Malaysia

How does Malaywood (Malaysian Entertainment Industry) portray Gadis Melayu Bertudung ? The question has many answers, depending on who you ask. If you ask most Gadis Melayu Bertudung, they agree that Malaywood tends to have a distorted view of how Gadis Melayu Bertudung should be portrayed. They are typically either portrayed as being the "Gadis Sopan Santun" so-called family oriented person or kampung girls. Of course, this is only a generalization.

The truth is that Gadis Melayu Bertudung actresses are letting this happen. When they take on these roles, they are allowing Malaywood to be stereotypical and set them in only one type of acting role. There are a few films that show Gadis Melayu Bertudung in a true to life setting. We need more versatile Gadis Melayu Bertudung actress to be as "Gadis Melayu Boleh"

Why Guys Love Gadis Melayu Bertudung?

Most Malay guys and Non Malay guys find Gadis Melayu Bertudung attractive as wives. Gadis Melayu Bertudung is very loyal towards their family and most are willing to be simply housewives. They cook meals for their family. They even also work as professional worker too. You can see Gadis Melayu Bertudung as professional worker such as in Bank, Universities, School, Hospital and Government Sector. Gadis Melayu Bertudung also values the importance of hygiene and cleanliness.

Gadis Melayu Bertudung is also very hardworking. A lot of them make it to IPTA in the Malaysia. So it is not too rare to spot Gadis Melayu Bertudung in famous universities such as UTM, UITM, UKM and USM.

Gadis Melayu Bertudung Attract Non Malaysian

Many men are attracted to Gadis Melayu Bertudung, even if they are not Malaysian. With more Gadis Melayu Bertudung dating Caucasian and African men, some Malay guys are getting upset by this. Malaysia media portrait a negative views of African man such as because of their crimes such as Black Money and Drug Trafficking.

Many of their parents and many Malay guys think it is very wrong. Morally, they feel that Gadis Melayu Bertudung should stay true to their heritage and help that heritage go on in the world, in a pure way. It really has more to do with national pride (Melayu Boleh) than racism in Malaysia.

Tudung – What Motivate Gadis Melayu Bertudung?

Malaysia Islamic cultures still expect Muslim women (Gadis Melayu) to cover most of their bodies while they are in public. Tudung are very concealing and the market for them continues to flourish. Tudung are made of wool or cotton with colorful color and pattern.

Gadis Melayu in Malaysia often follows the latest fashion trends. This might be seen in their dress or their tudung style such as “tudung wardina”, “tudung misai datuk k”, “tudung mawi” and tudung bawal. Latest fashion trends even be seen by Gadis Melayu Bertudung accessory such as purses, cloth and shoes. While the concept of modesty is different for each and every place in time, over the years it has played an important role in fashion Gadis Melayu in Malaysia.

Search Gadis Melayu Bertudung in Friendster

A lot of men have joined the social network online such as Friendster and Myspace scene and are enjoying it like crazy! I mean thousands of hot Gadis Melayu Bertudung such as Myspace, Facebook, and dozens of other social networks.

Although you can get a friend with Gadis Melayu Bertudung, you still need an dating advice. There are many sources that you can turn to if you are looking for dating advice. The downside with getting dating advice is that you are unsure if you are receiving good advice on dating. Some people rely more on their friends rather than their parents for some advice on dating.

Dating with Gadis Melayu Bertudung

It was normal to go for dating with Malay teens (Gadis Melayu). For first-timer, Gadis Melayu are shy and nervous just thinking about dating, and want to make sure that when you do have a real date with a guy, that you that you know what to do and how to act.

Pick out an outfit to wear. Make it special, and not what you usually wear to IPTA. Wear clean tudung, and spray a small amount of glitter on too. Go lightly with the make-up, just enough to add color to your face and eyes.

Beware of Boyfriend Kaki Raba!
While watching the movie at Time Square or Suria KLCC, if your boyfriend puts his arm around you, moving closer to you, take control. If you don't feel comfortable with him getting too close, move away and ask him to remove his arm. If he persists, then get up, and leave. Call your emak atau ayah and ask someone to pick you up.

Be Sexy Gadis Melayu Bertudung

So how to be Gadis Melayu Bertudung sexy? Is it only about the looks or is there more to being sexy Gadis Melayu Bertudung? Well to be honest with you looks have a very little role to play when it comes to being sexy and impressing people around you with your presence. Every Gadis Melayu Bertudung wants to be sexy but not all of them know how.

Gadis Melayu Bertudung must find inside ourselves the feeling of sexy. Gadis Melayu Bertudung must be confident, and self assured, you must stay healthy and you must wear clothing that makes you feel good. You don't even have to be thin and skinny to wear sexy with tudung either. There are many choices of sexy cloth such as Baby T, Fit Cloth and Sexy Blouse.