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Protecting Your Identity in Myspace Malaysia

Siti Farah is a IPTA Student in Kuala Lumpur. She and her friends use MySpace to communicate, but she's very careful about the personal information and pictures, even though her profile is set to private. Siti Farah knows that nothing is ever really private online. From the first time you log on to a social networking site like Friendster or MySpace, pick a screen name for instant messaging (IM), or post to a blog on your favorite band, you're creating an online identity.

Getting your identity stolen on-line is not a long-shot these days with so many transactions taking place over the Internet. Knowing when to give out information and when not to, could make all the difference to your good name. Something as simple as ordering through a credit card takes on new dimensions when it is done on-line.

Siti Farah advice is simple: "As Gadis Melayu Bertudung, be smart about what you put on the Internet, because you never know who is looking at what you have in Myspace Malaysia"

Protecting Your Identity in Myspace Malaysia Tips:
  1. Mark your profiles on a social networking site as private.
  2. Change your Myspace passwords frequently. (Use both letters and numbers if possible and find it difficult to forget)
  3. Don't post inappropriate or sexually provocative pictures or comments.
  4. Don't respond to inappropriate requests.


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