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Stress Management for Remaja Melayu

Stress is an everyday part of the Remaja Melayu life. Remaja Melayu are facing pressure from peers, school, activities, society and work, just to name a few. Parents can be very effective in setting expectations and limits for their teens.

Stress can be very hard on adults, can you imagine just how overwelming it must be for our Remaja Melayu. I hope a lot of people read this article. Our Remaja Melayu need our help, but they may never admit it.

Stress management is one of the most importaint things you can teach them. If you teach them to abide by your rules and values that is fine but giving them the coping skills to deal with other people who don't helps lessen impulse decisions or worse yet outbursts and emotional rollercoasters.

Refrain from over-scheduling activities to fill Remaja Melayu down time. We all need a little down time now and then just to let our mind and body catch up.

Express your love for your Remaja Melayu Bertudung. Remaja Melayu may act as if they are too old to appreciate such acts from parents but they need a constant reinforcement from their home front.


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